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All types of business around the UK, some of the best in 2019 can be seen too.

  • Great British Business Show PRYSM Group is a fast-growing and very progressive exhibition organiser. Based in the heart of Bristol city centre, They have spent the last 17 years running 30 of Europe's leading B2B trade events across the UK.

  • Overstock is merchandise in the form of consumer goods have never been purchased and are currently in storage - often at great cost to the owers.

  • Tokenise A platform for tokenised securities.

  • Zamora Global Property Development.

  • Funding Circle Has one of the best RoI of any financial company in the UK, certainly better than most banks. Returns are typically 7% (as at 2019). It was founded 2010.

  • Crypto Currency Manipulation and wild price swings are often caused by "Whales" - people who deposit or remove vast sums of cash in the market.

  • How To Handle Patent Trolls A patent troll is a derogatory term used to describe the use of patent infringement claims to win court judgements for profit or to stifle competition.

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