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Hide Me (Working Name) I've been asked to create a service to help people to hide from Internet searches. White it's virtually impossible to 'delete' yourself from the Internet, it is possible to make searching for you so difficult that many will give up. More to follow ...

Our Experiences is a street-level look at the elite networks, high-profile events and venues around London.

Wanted (Working Name) Imagine you need to find someone. They might have stolen something from your shop or you saw them stealing from next door. So you take a photo of that person and this website allows you to distribute that photo (along with reward) to any near by members either on their mobile phones or desktops. The person who finds them gets the reward.

British Women Artists was founded in 2008 by artist JoWonder & Entrepreneur Peter Blue. It is curated and allows artists to sell their artwork online. Membership is between £30 ~ £60 / year. It holds an art competition every year between March and April with up-to £1,000 in prize money. Winners get to meet the judges, founders and fellow artists over dinner in Soho, London.

elude is a project to get people away from computer screens and into real-life buy running various 'missions' that allow it's members to be 'James Bond' (or even a femme fatale) for a few hours.

It will feature activities like: 'Escape & Evasion' and 'Catch Me If You Can'. It's currently in development and should go live sometime in 2018.