The armed forces often do Escape and Evasion exercises where a small number of soldiers pretend to be escaping prisoners and the rest try and catch them with dogs, guns and helicopters. I thought this would be really cool if I could translate this into civilian life (minus the dogs, guns and helicopters). 'elude' was born from that brainstorming session. It was also inspired by 20 years in the British Army, TV programs like Spooks, 24, Hunted, Alias and movies like Swordfish, Die Hard 4, James Bond, The Bourne Trilogy and countless others.

Elude is NOT played in virtual space, it is played out in urban areas (towns, cities, etc) eg in real life. The locations are real, the money is real, the equipment is real, the chase is real, the people are real and the excitement is real.

Elude consists of at least two players. One player (or more) is being pursued and is therefore referred to as the fox. The other player(s) do the pursuing and are referred as the hound(s).

Other people can play indirectly as agents, informers or contacts. They have no affiliation to the players and are therefore totally open to bribes !

A typical 'fox' mission might be to deliver evidence of a gang shooting (eg video) to a contact in another city (or even another country). A typical 'hound' mission would be to stop the fox delivering that evidence. If the fox delivers that 'evidence' to his contact, he wins the prize. However if one of the hounds stops him (by putting his hand on his shoulder and saying his code name) the hound wins the prize. Obviously the money has to come from somewhere so each player pays a small amount.


Elude consists of four groups of people :-
  1. Management team :-
  2. Players who can be :-
  3. Extras. These are friendly shop keepers, barmaids or hotel staff who act as contacts, femme fatales and honey-traps. They are neutral but could be bribed either way.

  4. The general public. These can act as informants by selling fox sightings to the hounds or on the web site.

The business model

Misc Points

Tracking techniques and methods

Basic Rules

  1. Players pay to enter, either as foxes or hounds. This cash becomes the prize minus our cut (eg 10%)
  2. There is a cash prize between £500 ~ £10,000+ depending on number of players and the complexity of the mission.
  3. Players must not break the law or coerce others to do so.
  4. No physical violence or threats to be used.
  5. No arrest can be made while driving (or on moving vehicles) to avoid accidents.
  6. Bribery is quite acceptable !
  7. Players use their own equipment and travel at their own cost. They need to have sufficient funds to do this. The prize needs to make the cost worth it.
  8. Players are encouraged / coerced to use the web site (or other friendly sites) whenever possible.
  9. If the fox completes his/her mission they win the prize.
  10. If the hounds intercept the fox before he/she completes they win the prize. This would need to the hound(s) to take a photo of fox being arrested to ensure no arguments.
  11. Each report the foxes submit gets “leaked” (or sold) after a period of time to the hounds and vice-versa.
  12. For the advance levels, “wanted” posters of the foxes can be put up on the Internet allowing the public to join in too.
  13. Missions can be hours or days long and span many locations in many countries (including some exotic ones).
  14. Many missions can be concurrent, possibly inter-linked.
  15. Foxes and hounds can include non-members to help them – at a cost !
  16. When a hound puts his/her hand on the fox and says his code name – its game over !


This the heart of Elude. Missions must be carefully written and tested. The testing ensures the routes used aren't blocked by out-of-service roads, private no-right-of-way, out-of-service bridges etc. It also gives us the opportunity to pick out WiFi IP address locations !

Missions should be designed to be naturally fluid and dynamic to allow all players to use their imagination and wit. However they must also be written with clear boundaries and achievable goals. They must also obey the law of the land.

Missions are divided into : Beginner, Basic, Medium and Advanced. Basic missions will be short and easy to play eg quick run around London / Canterbury. Advanced missions will last several days and span counties and possibly countries.

Missions must balance the relative tasks of being the fox and the hounds. The best way is to break each mission into sections, each with a contact who supplies info for the next section. This provides more opportunities for interception.

Basic mission templates :-

Example Mission #1

Level: Beginner. Duration: 4 hours ish. Location: London / Canterbury Players: 2~4. Prize: £100 ~ £400. Fox = Spy, Hounds = Security Forces Setup: 1 Fox, 2+ hounds, 2 x DS

Example Mission #2

and an example of how it might play-out

Level: Basic. Duration: 2 days. Location: London / Kent Players: 2~4. Prize: £200 ~ £400. Transport Modes: Train only Fox = Informant, Hounds = Contract hitmen