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Peter Blue
Peter Blue
Britsh Army
I live and work in Faversham, Kent, UK. It's a lovely town with lots of old pubs, history and a creek - which is great for chilling-out and/or brainstorming. I often go into London for business networking or parties.

While I still keep active in the tech world, I have started to get involved in finance, investing, business-networking at high-profile events around London and have acquired many new contacts, mostly in finance and investment.

I have worked with Linux, FreeBSD, Windows, networks, databases, web servers, PHP and developed projects like and

I joined the British army when I was very young. After training in Bassingbourn barracks (near Royston, Hertfordshire) I was posted to the 3rd Battalion the Queens regiment who were stationed at Catterick Garrison (North Yorkshire). After a tour of Belfast our unit was moved down to Connaught Barracks (near Dover Castle, Kent) where we did a tour of Belize (Central America). in the early 80s our unit moved to St Barbara Barracks, Fallingbostal (Germany). A few months later I moved back to Borden (Hants, UK) to the SEME (School of Electrical Mechanical Engineering) where I was trained in electronics, semi-conducters, single & three phase power, batteries, motors, generators. I passed the course and changed my cap-badge to REME (Royal Eletrical & Mechanical Engineers). I was posted back to Fallingbostal but this time to the Royal hussars (Armoured). After about a year I was detached to Port Stanley (Falklands), then to Bielefeld (Germany) then to 21 Engineer Regiment (Nienberg) and finaly back to Bielefeld where I saw active service in the 1st Gulf War. I left the army soon afterwards.

I've written some articles.
Current Projects

Our Experiences

Our Experiences (blog) is a street-level look at the elite networks, high-profile events and venues around London and Europe.

At a later stage we will cover how to get invited to these events and the kind of people (including high-ranking officials, celebrities and non-UK royalty) you're likely to meet.

Wanted / Eyes on the Ground

Imagine you need to find someone. They might have stolen something from your shop or you saw them stealing from next door. So you take a photo of that person and this website allows you to distribute that photo (along with reward) to any members near by either on their mobile phones or desktops. The person who finds them gets the reward.

Scenarios :-

  1. You see someone running of with some things they stole from your garage. You take a photo of them and post it (along with some details and reward) to the website. It is then sent to all members in the area by text or email. After a while, one person sees the photo and realises they just saw them, so they use the website to indicate a sighting and post a photo along with a location. They get the reward.

  2. A youth steals from your shop and runs out. You upload a photo of them from the CCTV and post it to the website. It is then sent to all members in the area by text or email. A police officer (who just happens to be a member) sees the youth and arrests him.

  3. A dog goes missing. The owner posts a photo of the dog on the website with a reward. Many of the network post photos of similar looking dogs to the website. The owner sees her dog and sends the reward to the person who found the dog. The dog entry gets removed.

  4. You are on the train (or bus) and see a gorgeous person and you wonder if they are single, You take a sneaky photo and upload it to the website with the caption "Is this person available ?" it is sent to all members in a 3Km radius and evenually you get your answer.

British Women Artists (BWA) was established in 2008 by JoWonder and Peter Blue, as a medium for women artists living and working in the UK to showcase their work. A rich vein of visual artists working in the UK whose work is dynamic, sincere, and full of meaning has been uncovered.

Sporting Dates is a new online dating site committed to finding that special someone who is as fit as you are, and shares the same interests.

The armed forces often do Escape and Evasion exercises where a small number of soldiers pretend to be escaping prisoners and the rest try and catch them with dogs, guns and helicopters. I thought this would be really cool if I could translate this into civilian life (minus the dogs, guns and helicopters). 'elude' was born from that brainstorming session. It was also inspired by 20 years in the British Army, TV programs like Spooks, 24, Alias and movies like Swordfish, Die Hard 4, James Bond, The Bourne Trilogy, Hunted and countless others.

Elude is NOT played in virtual space, it is played out in urban areas (towns, cities, etc) eg in real life (IRL). The locations are real, the money is real, the equipment is real, the chase is real, the people are real and the excitement is real.

Elude consists of at least two players. One player (or more) is being pursued and is therefore referred to as the fox. The other player(s) do the pursuing and are referred as the hound(s).

Other people can play indirectly as agents, informers or contacts. They have no affiliation to the players and are therefore totally open to bribes !

Rent-A-Crowd Detection

I was astonished to learn that you can actually rent crowds of people to do the following :- I decided to develop a service that could detect from news photos if anyone was using Rent-A-Crowds as this would be very useful for politicians.

Article from The Atlantic - The business of generating fake enthusiasm, from flash mobs to the campaign trail.

Astroturfing the practice of using money and outside support to create the illusion of grass-roots enthusiasm, are not unheard of in the political sphere.

→ Similar 'crowds-for-hire' companies have also sprung up internationally to create fake support for politicians, including a British company named Envisage Promotions.