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Tokenise is creating a platform for tokenised securities. By utilising distributed ledger technology (DLT) and cryptocurrencies, Tokenise seeks to replace existing methodologies in equity crowdfunding, tokenised assets, funds and securitization. Tokenise will facilitate direct ownership into the tokenised securities, equity and fractional ownership. Their approach will be fully compliant with the UK’s FCA regulatory framework and is the core functional aspect for Their business.

Tokenise will enable start-ups and companies to raise capital from investors through digital certificates of ownership on a platform that is safer and more transparent than many current token offerings. However, as well as our crowd-sales primary market, we will also be creating a secondary market for curated tokens whereby token holders will be able to buy and sell security tokens.

The Tokenise Team :-

  • Michael Kessler Founder and CEO.
  • Simon Telfer Chief Operating Officer.
  • Ben Tubey Chief Technology Officer.
  • Yale ReiSoleil Director of Business Development.
  • Laura Wright Chief Financial Officer.
  • Jessica Talbot Compliance and Programme Management.

Regulation is non-negotiable for tokenised securities, which is why we have built our team around regulatory and compliance experience. Tokenise aims to make it easy for companies to stay compliant before, during, and after tokenisation.

Tokenise in the media :-
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